automates your research and copywriting process, so your sales team can send personalised outreach emails in one click
Scale your outreach
AI generated emails scale your outreach, increase personalisation and improve content quality
Reduce SDR ramp up time
SDRs using become productive from Day One
Consistent sales messaging across the team
Protect your company's brand through carefully curated, optimised sales messaging

How it works


1. Add target accounts to

Automatically import the accounts you want to target
Connects to Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Apollo, Cognism and ZoomInfo

2. Tailor out-of-the-box, best in class sales messaging to your personas

Start with proven sales messaging
Tailor the ‘out-of-the-box’ sales content to your value propositions and personas
Sales triggers

3. finds sales triggers for target accounts

Sales triggers are the unique insights that give your SDRs a compelling reason to reach out to a prospect tracks 27 million data sources including news sites, corporate websites, blogs and case studies for sales triggers
Sales triggers include company news, funding rounds, product launches, technology changes and key hires
Generate email

4. When a sales trigger is found, generates a personalized email

The personalization engine generates and personalized email for the prospect
Personalization based on prospect, persona, industry and sales trigger data
One click send

5. Your SDR reviews and sends the email from their sales engagement platform

SDR never leave their sales engagement platform
Browser extension integrates with Salesloft,, Gmail and Outlook

6. Insights into what’s working

Learn which sales messaging works best for different personas
Learn which type of prospects and which industries are most responsive
Understand team performance

Customer stories

It's exciting to finally see a tool that helps salespeople to improve their outreach. It's not only about increased response rates, I also love the extra quality, and consistency brings to our sales messaging.

Will Laurence, Enterprise Account Executive, Xactly Corp

As we look to scale in the emerging space of AR and VR, we need to make sure our communications are clear and can cut through the "noise". has helped us tremendously in improving the quality and impact of our outreach efforts!

Steve Meaney, Global VP of Sales at Reactive Reality

We optimsed our sales copy with external experts. Still was able to improve it further. I totally see how this will positivilely impact the response on our outreach!

Mario Bertorelli, Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer, Atrium

Cold outreach is hard, especially when you've never done it before - there are so many unknown unknowns. makes these rules accessible and significantly increases the quality of your outreach emails. That's value to the business.

Daniel Buser, CEO & Co-founder, Canevo

Being able to write effective sales emails is a key success factor in sales. In our sales training we are using to accelerate upskilling of new team members. really helped us to improve the quality of consistency of our sales messaging.

Jack Calcutt, Associate Director of Sales Business development, Factset
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